Sharks Vital Part of Ecosystem

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Posted by: whalesandmarinefauna | August 6, 2013


August 6th, 2013 (Pauline Beart). It has generally been seen that media most of the times portray sharks as dangerous and life-threatening. But experts have different view about the same.

They were of the view that media shows that shark attacks are on rise. But experts were of the view that in reality, shark attacks are quite less.

It will be better to put things across in a manner that sharks and whales have been looking for food in a similar manner like other animals. But such aspect is not shown by the commercial media.

Experts have affirmed that commercial media spends huge amount of money on exploiting sharks image. It has also been found sharks and whales are top predators that mean that they maintain balance in ecosystem.

To cite an example, a video was shot in which a shark was spotted near Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The shark was found to be feeding on carcass of a minke whale carcass. The shark was considered to be the white shark.

Sharks feed on whale carcass and by doing so they are not harming the marine system. In fact, they are helping to clean the ocean. Sharks are important for natural food web and absence of the same can disturb the natural food web.

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