Australian Shark Slaughter Impoverishes Ocean. #noWAsharkcull

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Australian Shark Slaughter Impoverishes Ocean – The Huffington Post.


Does Premier Colin Barnett of Western Australia (WA) and the federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt have any idea whatsoever that our oceans are dying, quickly? That’s the question that my Californian students asked me first period on Monday morning (January 27, 2014).

The WA government is attempting to tame the eastern Indian Ocean because some misguided bureaucrats believe that if they kill all the endangered Great White, threatened Tiger and Bull sharks that come near southwest WA all beachgoers and surfers will be safe. Not only is the WA shark cull incorrect and squandering $20 million; but also the government has sanctioned ecocide.


The Indian Ocean is a wild ecosystem constrained only by biophysical laws. When there are too many predators like Great White, Tiger and Bull sharks and not enough prey they starve to death. Conversely, when there are too few predator sharks, populations of prey become unfit, weak, and old and diseases become epidemics throughout our oceans thereby collapsing fish populations and denying almost 2 billion people their only daily protein source.

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